Math 113 Sections 8, 14, 19
David Milovich

Section 8 meets TR 9:55-10:45, B219 Van Vleck.
Section 14 meets TR 12:05-12:55, B235 Van Vleck.
Section 19 meets TR 2:25-3:15, B203 Van Vleck.

My office is at 318 Van Vleck.
My office hours are MWF 2:00-3:00, TR 10:45-11:45, and by appointment.
My mailbox is on the second floor of Van Vleck.

Old 113 exams
Notes on graphing sine waves
Reverse graphing problem: y=A*tan(Bx+C)+D


Homeworks are due on Tuesdays, starting on January 29th. See the syllabus for details. You may collaborate for homeworks. You may not use notes or graphing calculators on the quizzes or exams.