Math 320 Sections 333, 334, 335, 336
Linear algebra and Differential Equations
David Milovich

Section 333 meets T 12:05-12:55, B337 Van Vleck.
Section 334 meets R 12:05-12:55, B337 Van Vleck.
Section 335 meets T 2:25-3:15, 115 Ingraham.
Section 336 meets R 2:25-3:15, B309 Van Vleck.

My office is at 318 Van Vleck.
My office hours are MW 2:15-3:15, or by appointment.
My mailbox is on the second floor of Van Vleck.

The lecturer for these four (and two other) sections is Prof. Mikhail Feldman.
Prof. Feldman's course information page
Prof. Feldman's homework page.

Old 320 exams

Linear algebra notes
Eigenvector method notes


The quizzes are based on the homework problems from the preceeding week. There will be no make-up quizzes, but I will drop your lowest quiz score.

Though I will mildly curve the quiz scores, there is no curve for the total score for the course.