Math 211 Sections 306 and 312
David Milovich

Section 306 meets MW 11:00-11:50, B235 Van Vleck.
Section 312 meets MW 2:25-3:15, B203 Van Vleck.

My office is at 318 Van Vleck.
My office hours are TR2:20-3:20 or by appointment.
My mailbox is on the second floor of Van Vleck.

The lecturer for these two (and several other) sections is Prof. Mustafa Kalafat.
Prof. Kalafat's 211 course information page

Old 211 exams

A few limits via cancellations.
Limits involving infinity.
Chains and the chain rule.
An applied optimization problem.

Quiz solutions


Homework is normally due in discussion on Wednesdays. Use Prof. Kalafat's course page to find the assignments. I will grade five of the problems of each homework.

There will be approximately five weeks in which I do not collect homework, but instead give a quiz. I will inform you in advance of upcoming quizzes. It is recommended that you still do all the homeworks. Quizzes will be based on the sections of the book from which homework was assigned.