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Spring 2016 course materials
Spring 2017 course materials

Day Readings Topics Photos Other Practice
Topics Tested
on Day
1 SSLE solving systems of linear equations zip SymPy Live pdf 11
2 RREF reduced row echelon form zip pdf 11
3 TSS; HSE types of solution sets;
homogeneous systems
zip Octave shell pdf 11
4 NM; VO nonsingular matrices;
vector operations
zip SageMathCell pdf 11
5 LC; SS linear combinations;
spanning sets
zip pdf 11
6 LI; LDS linear independence
and spans
zip pdf 11
7 LDS; O linear independence
and orthogonality
zip pdf 18
8 MO; MM matrix operations;
matrix multiplication
zip pdf 18
9 MISLE; MINM matrix inverses zip Q&A 1--6 (pdf) pdf 18
10 MISLE; MINM inverses; unitary matrices zip pdf 18
12 MINM; CRS unitary matrices; column spaces zip pdf 18
13 CRS; FS column, row, null, left null spaces;
extended echelon form
zip more examples (pdf) pdf 18
14 VS; S vector spaces and subspaces zip hand-out (pdf) pdf 24
15 LISS; B subspaces; bases zip pdf 24
16 LISS; B coordinates; orthonormal bases 24
Plan ahead: the syllabus has the full semester schedule.